Out of the water onto the mount

We were planning to do the Tongariro crossing that afternoon, but the weather started to get a bit wet and windy so we left it. Straight to the supermarket we went and during the checkout we experienced our first earthquake. It was getting to be too much excitement for one day so we headed to SKI HAUS to find a bed and sleep it off.

We met a Polish sailor Sebastian and ANOTHER German girl Christina, they were also planning on doing the crossing so she convinced us to get up early the next morning as the weather reports were better in the morning than the afternoon.

We drove up to the mount that morning to check it out….. I think the Mt was there somewhere.

Not wanting to waste the day we had a bit of stomp around the area anyway.

Jack took us to this waterfall, apparently a tradition to take a dip. I regret not getting in myself, but I also enjoyed being warm at the time. Christina showed some courage and followed the guys in.

After that it was a drive to pick up the sleeping bags that we forgot at the holiday park. Sebastian and Christina cooked us lunch and we drove back to the real world.


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