Stretching my legs on the Pinnacles

With a couple of old mates and some new ones, I spent a weekend walking up the Pinnacles. These are some shots from a quick 2 and a half hour hustle up and 3 hours down.

Heading up was good until the stairs. I completely forgot how rough the stone stairs are…..

Getting closer we started seeing a few nice views between the trees and got the first look at our destination

The sunset was looking good on the way up to the summit but got sadder and sadder as we hit the top for sunset. It fully clouded over and the sun was gone pretty quick

As we were heading down it just popped out the bottom of the clouds just long enough to take a few shots and make it feel like the summit hike was worth it.

We woke up before dawn to try round two and catch the sun on its way up. It was another mess of fog…..

The sun came out on the way down and we took a little detour to a set of waterfalls.

Starts with rocky stairs finish’s the same way. Always a good trip.

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