Waterfalls and forest walls

Drove down to Rotorua and spent the weekend wandering around a bit of nature. Good weather, good company, a good time.

Hit up the Redwood Forest on Saturday for a nice wander, plenty of trees as far as the eye can see.

Decided to check out Okere falls on Sunday.

Managed to score some front row seats to a white water rafting tour

and some people heading downstream without a paddle.

Stretching my legs on the Pinnacles

With a couple of old mates and some new ones, I spent a weekend walking up the Pinnacles. These are some shots from a quick 2 and a half hour hustle up and 3 hours down.

Heading up was good until the stairs. I completely forgot how rough the stone stairs are…..

Getting closer we started seeing a few nice views between the trees and got the first look at our destination

The sunset was looking good on the way up to the summit but got sadder and sadder as we hit the top for sunset. It fully clouded over and the sun was gone pretty quick

As we were heading down it just popped out the bottom of the clouds just long enough to take a few shots and make it feel like the summit hike was worth it.

We woke up before dawn to try round two and catch the sun on its way up. It was another mess of fog…..

The sun came out on the way down and we took a little detour to a set of waterfalls.

Starts with rocky stairs finish’s the same way. Always a good trip.

Walking the Waitakeres

From Arataki to Whatipu


We made it out to Arataki in the morning grouped up and headed off.


The first day was fairly straightforward. Its the Waitak’s so plenty of hills and trees. Best view of the day was definitely looking across the dam.


Once we got to Huia Jack took his leave and we rounded the corner to find our path impassable at high tide… And then it started raining.

We were the first to make it to the camp ground so we set up the tents and claimed part of the shelter. Which was wise, as thunder storm past overhead while we were having dinner.


We started day two a little later then expected but the little bit of drizzle wasn’t so bad.

Although the drizzle wasn’t so bad, it turned into rain pretty quickly. Which made the climb up Karamatura track pretty challenging. Most of the climb up the track was more stream then track.

Once we made it to the top it was a little easier going, the rain was still on and off which meant plenty of time putting rain gear on, then off again. In the below shot you can just see the coast we’re heading to, walking along this ridge.


This was probably the best view of the day. Somewhere on the Omanawanui track looking out to the Manukau Heads.


Below is the last photo I took on the day. When we were half way up that hill it started bucketing down with rain and we had to go up and over dripping wet. I thought about taking a few shots at the top but it was a grey wall of rain.

After that we made it down to the bottom and dropped out at that point. To continue another day….